Ave Maria Violent Crime Lawyer

Ave Maria Violent Crime Lawyer

Ave Maria Violent Crime Lawyer Attorney

The umbrella of violent crime contains many different types of offenses, ranging from assaults to murder. Regardless of the crime you’ve been charged with, it’s crucial to hire an experienced attorney. An Ave Maria violent crime lawyer can create a strategic defense on your behalf to minimize the impact of your charges.

At the Law Office of Donald P. Day, our criminal defense attorneys have spent years representing clients who have been accused of engaging in violent crime. We proudly offer judgment-free services where anyone can feel safe to share the details of their case. By working with our team, you can achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

Whether you are hoping to have your case dropped or exchange a guilty verdict for reduced punishment, you can trust our team to pursue your interests.

Ave Maria Violent Crime Lawyer

Most Common Violent Crimes Defended in Ave Maria, FL

Criminal defense attorneys are often cited as a lifeline for those who have been accused of committing a violent crime. Because these accusations carry significant repercussions if defendants are found guilty, our attorneys are trained to identify weaknesses or irregularities in a prosecution’s case and use that information to reduce or dismiss their client’s charges. Some of the most common violent crime cases in Ave Maria include:

  • Assault and battery: If anyone is found guilty of intentionally causing another person fear of harm or committing a physical act of violence that results in injury, they could be held liable for assault or battery. Often, a defense lawyer will try to assert that their client did not intend to threaten or harm the victim or question the prosecution’s evidence that the victim faced legitimate harm.
  • Domestic violence: Cases of domestic violence deal with altercations between family members or intimate partners. Due to these intimate dynamics, these cases can be extremely emotional and complicated to untangle.
    Common defense positions for someone accused of domestic violence include challenging the credibility of the allegations or taking a position that their client was acting in self-defense rather than purposely causing harm.
  • Robbery: An act of robbery is when someone deliberately takes someone else’s property with the intent to keep it from them forever. It also involves assault, force, violence, or putting the victim in fear. An attorney defending their client from a robbery accusation will often dispute how their client was identified as a suspect or raise doubt as to the intentions of their actions.
  • Sexual assault: Cases of sexual assault can result in harsh consequences if the defendant is convicted. If you’ve been charged with sexual assault, an attorney can formulate a defense that strives to invoke reasonable doubt of your guilt. To do so, they may challenge the credibility of certain testimonies or take a deep look into the forensic evidence.
  • Manslaughter and murder: When someone has been unlawfully killed, this will be considered either an act of murder or manslaughter. The main difference between these two crimes is that murder is often a premeditated act, and manslaughter is when someone causes a death due to their own recklessness or negligence.
    A solid defense strategy may challenge accusations that the client premeditated the killing, or defense lawyers may argue that their client acted in self-defense.
  • Kidnapping: Abducting or taking someone into confinement against their will, forcibly or secretly, is the general description of kidnapping. This is often seen in hostage scenarios or if there is a demand to fulfill a ransom. Skilled defense attorneys can look into the merit of the accusations and may question the alleged victim’s participation in the act or dispute that they were legitimately in confinement.

While these are some of the most common violent crimes defended in Florida, this list is not exhaustive. Defense attorneys support all types of violent crimes, including other offenses like arson and aggravated assault.


Q: What Is Considered a Violent Crime in Florida?

A: Violent crimes in Florida are often classified as offenses where there is a clear force or threat of force that causes harm to another individual. This can range anywhere from minor instances of robbery all the way to a murder trial. Florida has designed many different penalties to match the severity of each violent crime. It is the role of a defense attorney to attempt to reduce or dismiss these charges on behalf of their client.

Q: How Much Does a Criminal Lawyer Cost in Florida?

A: Where a criminal lawyer is located can influence cost. Those who practice in the middle of the city will likely have a higher price than those in the suburbs and rural communities. How much experience an attorney has will also play a role in the final cost of your case, as hourly rates could be more expensive for an attorney who has a long track record of winning cases similar to your own.

Q: What Are the Odds of Being a Victim of Violent Crime in Florida?

A: The chances of being a victim of a violent crime in Florida are approximately 1 in 386. This is a general figure that does not take location, local crime rates, and personal circumstances into consideration, which would give a stronger indication of your likelihood of being a victim. To stay safe, Florida residents are always advised to remain aware of their surroundings and take independent precautions to minimize their risk of being a crime statistic.

Q: How Does Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Law Affect Violent Crime Defenses?

A: Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law allows residents to use lethal force if necessary to prevent their own or someone else’s death or severe injury. They can also use deadly force to prevent someone from committing a forcible felony.

This statute is an expansion of home defense laws. These laws are often cited in court to justify the actions of someone who is being accused of criminal behavior. To defend their clients, a defense lawyer must provide evidence to prove the threat was real and that if their client did not intervene, they would be severely injured or have passed away.

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