Ave Maria Juvenile Defense Lawyer

Ave Maria Juvenile Defense Lawyer

Ave Maria Juvenile Defense Attorney

Advancing through the juvenile justice system can be an extremely scary experience for young individuals and their families, especially if it’s their first time doing so. To add some comfort to the process, you should always hire an Ave Maria juvenile defense lawyer. Through a combination of their legal knowledge and real-world experience defending juveniles, a skilled defense team can protect a juvenile’s rights and work to secure a favorable outcome.

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At the Law Office of Donald P. Day, our team of criminal defense lawyers serves more than just adults. We are also committed to providing compassionate legal counsel to juveniles who have found themselves in legal disputes. We understand how stressful it can feel knowing what impact legal issues could have on a young person’s life and their future, which is why we work tirelessly to help ensure their rights are protected from start to finish.

What Strategies Can Help Defend a Juvenile’s Innocence in Court?

To successfully defend a juvenile’s innocence in court, the defendant will need to work with their attorney to craft a compelling defense strategy. Some commonly used juvenile defense strategies in Florida include:

  • Challenging the Evidence. One of the most commonly employed defense strategies is challenging the prosecution’s evidence. This requires a defense attorney to dive deep into how their evidence was collected and see if there was any breach of legal procedure. If there was, it provides the defense grounds to dismiss certain evidence from being used in court. This could completely destroy the prosecution’s entire argument.A defense attorney may also wish to challenge how accurate some of the evidence is. For example, they may point out certain discrepancies in a witness’s testimony of events or point out how a pre-existing relationship with the plaintiff could suggest a bias. If there is any opportunity to cast doubt on the reliability of the case, a defense attorney will make sure this happens to benefit their client.
  • Presenting Alibis and Witnesses. Whenever a defendant has a reliable alibi to introduce to the case, it can be extremely effective to remove them from the scene of the crime. To use this defense strategy, an attorney will need to gather various statements and testimonies from these individuals to prove without a doubt that their client was elsewhere during the incident.If an alibi isn’t able to attest to where the defendant was at the time of the crime, an attorney may choose to bring forward a character witness. This is an individual who can testify to the juvenile’s moral character and suggest that the behavior they are being accused of engaging in is not the norm from their own experience. As long as the witness isn’t overtly biased, this could go a long way in swaying the court’s opinion on who the defendant is as a person.
  • Negotiating Plea Deals. In cases where the evidence against a defendant is overwhelming or the risk of the penalties they face is too severe, an attorney may suggest negotiating a plea deal. This requires both the defense attorney and the prosecutor to come to an agreement where they will either drop or reduce the charges against their client in exchange for a guilty verdict.While this approach might not seem like the most ideal path, an effective defense attorney will be honest when this seems like the most favorable defense choice. The benefits to negotiating a plea deal is that it can reduce the severity of the punishment and also close out the case much faster.


Q: How Much Do Criminal Defense Attorneys Charge Per Hour in Florida?

A: If your defense attorney charges by the hour, the exact rate will vary based on a number of details pertaining to themself as a professional and their practice. For instance, if an attorney finds that a particular case will be complex, such as those that involve a lot of evidence collection and negotiation, this could spike their hourly rate. An attorney’s experience and geographical location may also impact their rate.

Q: What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Juvenile Defense Attorney?

A: The role of a juvenile defense attorney in Ave Maria, FL is to represent minors who are facing charges in juvenile court. Their primary obligation to their juvenile clients is to offer legal representation and support while defending their rights in every proceeding. This includes advising the juvenile and their family on what legal options exist, negotiating with the prosecution, and also challenging any evidence that seems unfair or has been illegally collected.

Q: Why Is a Defense Lawyer’s Role in Juvenile Court More Complicated?

A: Juvenile defense lawyers arguably have a more difficult job than those who represent adults because of the nature of the juvenile justice system. Oftentimes, the court prioritizes rehabilitating juvenile offenders rather than punishing them. This is to help preserve their future and give them a chance at living a normal adult life. Trying to strike a balance between legal strategy and what is most favorable for a young client’s future makes these cases more difficult.

Q: What Legal Rights Do Juveniles Have in Florida Court?

A: Juveniles have the right to legal representation. This is an especially important right for juveniles to take advantage of, as they are often much more inexperienced with the judicial system than adults, who may be able to handle themselves independently. Just like adults, juveniles also have the right to a speedy trial and to confront any witnesses who are speaking against them. You should talk with your lawyer to ensure you understand your rights.

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