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About Us

Naples & Fort Myers Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Law Firm

Naples & Fort Myers Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Law Firm

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The Law Offices of Donald P. Day is a criminal defense and personal injury firm practicing in Naples, Fort Myers, and all Florida. Prior to founding the Law Offices of Donald P. Day, Mr. Day was a partner in one of the largest criminal defense firms in Florida. The office is located within walking distance to the Collier County Courthouse. The firm is staffed by experienced assistants.

We are happy to provide a free initial consultation and if we cannot help we will refer you to a firm that can satisfy your needs. Mr. Day has two legal assistants with years of experience. Rosa Fregozo has a degree in Legal Studies and was formerly employed with the Collier County Clerk of Courts in the Criminal Division. She has worked exclusively in the criminal area in both State and Federal Courts. She has been instrumental in many successful constitutional challenges involving laws and rules that significantly infringed on individual rights.

Sue Chancy has years of legal experience and a significant history working with financial institutions and accounting matters. This experience has been critical in working on white collar theft and accounting fraud cases.

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