Naples Drug Crime Lawyer

Naples Drug Crime Lawyer


Naples Drug Crime Law enforcement and the justice system in the state of Florida take an aggressive stance when it comes to drug-related crimes. At the Law Office of Donald P. Day, you can partner with an experienced drug defense lawyer to advise and represent you in drug crime cases such as possession, trafficking, dealing, or manufacturing. These crimes carry a wide range of harsh punishments and a conviction will have a serious impact on your future.

However, there is hope. With the help of an experienced drug lawyer, you may be able to build a strong defense to prove your innocence or negotiate a solution that avoids criminal conviction and harsh punishment. Our law firm assists clients in Naples, FL, and the surrounding areas of Southwest Florida.

Being arrested on drug-related charges can be a frightening and demeaning experience. We understand what’s at stake in these situations. Our drug crime lawyer offers ongoing guidance and support from the time you contact us until your trial is complete. We aim to take some of the stress off your shoulders by keeping you informed and clearing up any confusion. When it comes time to represent you in court, our lawyers will fight aggressively for a positive outcome. Defending a drug charge requires an experienced Naples drug crime attorney.

naples drug crime lawyer


Donald P. Day represents clients who have been arrested for drug possession, dealing, trafficking, or manufacturing in Naples, Fort Myers, and the surrounding towns of Collier and Lee counties in Southwest Florida.

When you are accused of drug possession, we may be able to help you find a solution that doesn’t involve heavy fines or jail time and avoids any conviction:

  • Pretrial diversion — available to first-time, non-violent offenders; the charges are dropped when pretrial diversion is completed
  • Pretrial intervention — available in certain instances to people who don’t qualify for pretrial diversion, because of priors
  • Drug court — available to repeat drug offenders who have debilitating substance abuse problems; the charges may be dropped if certain conditions are satisfied
  • Motion to suppress — if evidence was obtained in an illegal manner, we may be able to have evidence excluded from your case, which may get your case dismissed
  • Plea — Minimal probation or other plea deals may suit certain clients who wish to resolve the case without the risk of a trial that could include jail time; pleas may involve randomized drug testing or travel restrictions
  • Trial — Many clients are not guilty of the charges that are brought against them; these cases may prevail at trial.
  • Diversion — Available to people with drug issues seeking treatment

The quantity of drugs involved can significantly increase prison sentences. Further, many times if convicted, a two-year driver’s license suspension may be imposed. There are many issues to review in a drug case including but not limited to:

  • Searches
  • Warrants
  • Consent
  • Lab Work
  • K-9 Drug Training
  • Constructive Possession

Drug cases are complex and involve a lawyer with trial experience and a lawyer who is familiar with pre-trial motion practices.


Contact us today in order to discuss your situation with an experienced and compassionate lawyer. We offer free consultations to help you better understand your case, your potential options, and the potential outcomes. Either call (239) 529-6053 or fill out our online contact form to request an appointment now. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your drug crime case.

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