Naples, FL Crime Rate and Statistics [2024 Updated]

Naples, FL Crime Rate
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Located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in Southwest Florida, Naples can be an appealing place to live and visit. From stunningly beautiful beaches with crystal blue water to its vibrant arts and cultural scene, Naples has a lot to offer its residents and those who visit on holiday. But is Naples a safe city? Learn about the Naples, FL crime rate and statistics to understand your potential safety risks for moving to Naples or traveling there on vacation.

Population Details About Naples, FL

According to the most recently available data from the United States Census Bureau, the estimated population of Naples, Florida, is over 19,600 people. The same report shows the largest racial demographic present in Naples is White with 89.5%, followed by Black or African American at 4.9%, Hispanic or Latino at 4.4%, individuals of two or more races at 3.8%, Asian at 0.9%, and American Indian or Alaskan Native at 0.1%

An interesting fact about Naples is that it has a significant population of senior individuals, with 54.6% of people being 65 years of age or older. This percentage is far more than the national average of 16.8% for the entire United States.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports the poverty rate in Naples is about 6.00%, which is under the total United States poverty rate of 11.5%. Additionally, the median household income from 2018 to 2022 was $135,657, which is more than the national median household income of $74,580.

Crime Rate and Statistics in Naples, FL

Based on the above data pertaining to income and age, it’s safe to say that Naples has an older and wealthier population than many other parts of the country. For this reason, it might be surprising to some that property crime rates in Naples are relatively high compared to other areas in Florida and the United States.

According to another report about Naples, FL crime data, the total crime index for Naples is 28 out of 100. This means Naples is safer than only 28% of neighborhoods in the United States. When looking at the most common types of crime, property crime appears to be the biggest threat for those in Naples, with a 1 in 64 chance of becoming a victim of property crime. This is the same probability for the entire state of Florida.

The following statistics show the average number of people who become a victim of a specific type of property crime out of 1,000 people in Naples, FL:

  • Burglary with a rate of 1.12 people.
  • Theft with a rate of 12.85 people.
  • Motor vehicle theft with a rate of 1.63 people.

The good news is that the violent crime rate in Naples, FL, is significantly lower than the rate in the state of Florida. Your chance of becoming a victim of violent crime in Naples is 1 in 934, whereas your chance in the state of Florida is 1 in 386. The following statistics indicate the average number of people who experience certain types of violent crimes out of 1,000 people in Naples, FL:

  • Murder with a rate of 0 people.
  • Rape with a rate of 0.2 people.
  • Robbery with a rate of 0.05 people.
  • Assault with a rate of 0.82 people.

What to Do If You’re a Victim of Crime in Naples, FL

If you or someone you love experiences a crime committed by another person, it’s important to take certain actions to help you seek justice and prevent others from becoming a victim in the future. These are some of the steps you should take if you become a victim of crime:

  • Call the police. It’s important to have an official police report of an incident, so always notify the police when a crime takes place.
  • Gather witness information. If there were other individuals who witnessed the crime, ask for their names and contact details.
  • Document evidence of the crime. From pictures of the damage caused by the crime to doorbell cameras that may have caught the perpetrator in the act, be sure to collect any evidence that could help your case.
  • Consult with an attorney. Hiring an experienced Naples criminal defense attorney could be the key to helping you achieve justice for the crime that was committed against you, especially if you need something like a restraining order.


Q: Is Naples, Florida a Good Place to Live?

A: Naples, Florida, can be a good place to live if you love beaches, marine life, art, shopping, and fine dining. With a significant population of senior citizens, Naples can be an especially good place to live for retirees. While Naples does have some issues with property crime, like burglary and theft, the violent crime rate is low compared to the overall rate for violent crime in the state of Florida.

Q: What Is the Most Common Crime in Naples?

A: The most common crime in Naples, Florida, is property crime. Your chance of becoming a victim of property crime in this coastal city is 1 in 64. Fortunately, violent crime is significantly less common in the area. Your chance of becoming a victim of violent crime in Naples is 1 in 934.

Q: Which Areas to Avoid in Naples?

A: Some areas to avoid in Naples that have higher crime rates include parts of Pelican Bay, the Moorings, and Golden Gate Estates. Some safer areas in Naples that have less crime are the Vineyards, Gulf Harbor, Naples Park, Palm River Shores, and Pelican Marsh.

Q: Is It Safe to Walk Around Naples?

A: Yes, it can be safe to walk around Naples, Florida. However, residents and tourists alike should keep in mind that crime can happen anywhere and at any time. Always be vigilant of the threat of crime and take steps to secure your personal property when walking in public in Naples or any other city.

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